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1.Treatment Rate Increase in 2015

The King County Council recently approved an increase in the treatment rates collected by all agencies (like Valley View) Which use the King County treatment plants for sewage treatment. The current...Read more

2. After 17 Years with no change, Connection charges will increase;

    A General Facility Charge (GFC) and a System Facility Charge (SFC) may be due upon connection to sewers. The current...Read more

3. There is a new option for "Flush Fund" contributions. It is now possible to choose a donation amount and have it automatically added to your sewer bill. To sign up, click here

4. a) What to do when your sewer backs up...Read more

    b) Don't ruin your Holidays, Fight F.O.G. for details; See flyer here



Blocked Sewers & Safety

Please contact the District first and Puget Sound Energy (PSE), 1-888-225-5773,  if your sewer appears to be blocked, and especially before you have a cutting tool used to clear the possible blockage. The District and PSE will take steps to make sure that the blockage is not caused by the dangerous situation of a natural gas pipeline inadvertently inserted through the sewer line. The PSE link below provides additional information for your use.


Valley View Sewer District is a multi-jurisdictional Special Purpose District, serving parts of the cities of SeaTac, Burien, Tukwila, as well as unincorporated King County.

We are committed to "Working Toward a Better Environment" by

 providing our communities with reliable wastewater collection and transmission services.

 Member:  Washington Association of Sewer and Water Districts (WASWD)

 Member: Southwest King County Chamber of Commerce.




A 9.6 kW, 40 panel, solar energy system was installed August 2nd, 2013, on the Valley View Maintenance Garage located at 14816 Military Road S.

 Installer: Sunergy Systems

Installation Cost 90% recovered by 2020

Provides 15% of yearly electricity consumption for the site (Three buildings)


A 32.4 kW, 150 panel, solar energy system was installed in the fall of 2013 on the Valley View Sewer District/Water District # 125 joint administration building located at 3460 S 148th St.


On-line and by phone bill payment

You can now pay your bill on-line and by phone through AFTS at (206) 521 5122. AFTS will charge $1.00 per transaction. This is the only charge for an E-check. There will be an additional 3% fee if you choose to pay with a Credit or Debit card.





New: Sign up for Electronic "Paperless" billing


How sewer rates are determined

Good News

Having problems paying your sewer bill? We may be able to help.The Valley View Sewer District's Utility Assistance Program or the "Flush Fund" is available to help families in crisis with their sewer bill. This special fund, administered by The Salvation Army, provides assistance to District families who cannot afford to pay their sewer bill.



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